Windows 8 Tips

How to Create Bootable Windows 8 USB Drive from ISO Image

You will need the USB drive having 4GB of storage capacity for the 32-bit windows and minimum 8 GB storage capacity for 64 bit.  Now download the ISO file of Windows 8 and Also download WinUSB Maker. Extract the files of WinUSB Maker. No need to Install. It’s a Portable application. Just run the application.

Windows 8 TipsInside the “Functions” section choose the “ISO Image Bootable Disk” radio button. Now select “Normal Detection Mode” and click on the “Browse ISO Image” button. Choose the Downloaded ISO Image. Then select the USB drive and it’s file system. You don’t see this option to choose if you have a single USB device inserted.

Click the button “Make it Bootable”.  Done 🙂

After the operation ends, you can Install boot and Install Windows 8 from the USB drive.

 How to uninstall Windows 8 Consumer Preview

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 8

Use the same Key combination you used for Windows 7. i.e. “Windows + Print Screen”. But you don’t need to paste it in MS Paint or any Image Editor. As you press the Windows + Print Screen Key, it will take the screenshot and save it inside “My Pictures” folder in PNG format.

How to Remove/Edit Watermark from Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Use the free tool called “My WCP Watermark Editor” to remove or edit the Windows 8 Consumer Preview watermark. Download it from Bellow given Link. Install the application and run. The application interface is easy to use and you can edit the existing Windows 8 Consumer Preview watermark to anything new or completely delete them. Click on “Apply new settings” button and you are done. You can feel the changes after restarting the PC.

Download My WCP Watermark Editor

How to Disable the Explorer Ribbon in Windows 8

A lightweight and Portable tool called “Disabler for Windows 8 CP” is very helpful to disable or re-enable the Explorer Ribbon in Windows 8.  This is a free tool can be downloaded from the below-given link. No need to install as this tool is portable. Run it and you can find two easy options. Whether to enable or disable the explorer ribbon.

Download: Disabler for Windows 8 CP

How to Change the Background Image in Windows 8 Start Screen

Use the Free tool “My WCP Start Screen Customizer” to customize your Windows 8 Start screen. Get the download link of the tool bellow. You can easily change the background wallpaper.

Download : My WCP Start Screen Customizer

How to Disable Windows 8 Defender (Before Installing Another Antivirus)

Yes, you need to disable or remove the default Windows 8 Defender antivirus, before installing any 3rd party antivirus software. Because it’s not recommended to run two different antivirus software on a single PC as they may cause conflicts and make your system very slow in performance. So if you have decided to install another antivirus and wish to disable Windows 8 defender, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to the start menu and search for Defender. Now Launch Windows 8 Defender
  • Click on the “Settings” tab and then click on the “Administrator” option from the left side list.
  • Inside the Administration section, “uncheck” the “Turn on Windows Defender” option.

Done. The Windows Defender has been disabled. Now you can easily install any other antivirus software. If you wish to re-enable it, you can also follow the same steps above and “Check” the  “Turn on Windows Defender” option.

How to Create a Picture Password in Windows 8

Another nice feature of Windows 8, is the picture password. You can set a picture and a gesture on the picture as your login password. Here are the simple steps to enable picture password for Windows 8.

  • Click on the “Settings” option and then click on “More PC Settings”
  • Inside the PC Settings section, click on the “Users” link
  • Now you can find the option to create a Picture password. So click on the button that says “Create a picture password”.
  • The system will ask you to verify that you are the admin. So enter the admin password and click on the “Ok”  button.
  • The next step is to choose any picture stored inside your hard drive. Choose any.
  • Now draw three gestures on that selected image. You may draw a line or circle or anything. Save the settings after this.

Done 🙂 . The next time you start your PC, it will show you the selected picture and you need to do the same gesture that you did during the configuration to open it.

Forgot the Picture Password Gestures?

No worries, you can also login to your system using your text password.

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