10 Easy Steps for a Beautiful Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are quite common in recent days, and they contribute a lot to the beautiful hairstyle. Are you keen and eager to make a waterfall braid? However, if you are not aware of the exact technique through which you can make this braid, there is absolutely nothing to be worried. There are some simple steps that you can easily follow in order to take a grasp of the entire process. Take a look at a few of the simple steps below:

  1. This braid indeed looks beautiful, and you should ensure that before making this braid, your hair is brushed and combed properly. This, in turn, will give a cool and complex look while at the same time you can also be assured that you will not have to compromise with your hair.

  2. Take a wide tooth comb and brush out the knots. Start the braid from the right side. This will make things manageable.

  3. You can first part the hair in the middle

  4. You will have to take a grab of the upper section and accordingly ensure that you divide this section into three different strands.

  5. Now you can start braiding normally once or twice. Make sure that you start from the right strand.

  6. As soon as you reach the left strand, you can add more hair to it, and accordingly, you can fold that particular strand to the center.

  7. This might seem to be a little tricky for you, and in reality, it is so. Thus, as soon as, you braid the left strand and reach to the center, make the right strand fall. Accordingly, you should ensure that you pick up a new piece.

  8. The style should be cascaded towards the middle, and this is probably the most important thing that you will have to consider.

  9. This process should be repeated with every strand of hair. Braid the left strand while you drop the right strand, and pick up a new piece from the adjacent part. This style can easily be cascaded towards the middle.

  10. Once you recognize that you have reached a good position where you can now stop braiding, you can make use of bobby pins in order to secure the braid.

Initially, it might seem quite difficult for you to follow the entire process, but in the course of time, things will definitely be easier for you provided the fact that you practice on a regular basis.

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