Every woman spends some amount of time, energy and money to buy trendy Halloween dresses. You can experiment with a variety of apparels, accessories and makeup to leave a long-term impact on your friends. In additions to sporting the classic witch look, you can also consider appearing like a popular character from movies and TV shows. The popular online stores have further made it easier and convenient for the modern girls to choose the best Halloween dresses at a discounted price.

List of top10 Halloween costumes for women

Lady Gaga Costumes:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

The costumes and makeup sported by Lady Gaga can scare the kids, while leaving a long-term impression on the onlookers. You can choose from the apparels sported by the wacky superstar and attend the Halloween parties sporting your best poker face.

Avatar Look:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

Who can forget the blue painted look sported by Nayitri in the superhit movie “Avatar”. You can find many online stores selling avatar costumes to suit your figure and body type. Once you choose the right Avatar apparels, all you will need is to cover your face in blue to complement the dress.

Sookie Stackhouse Dress:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

Do you remember Sookie Stackhouse, the vamp-loving waitress and Marlotte’s favorite? Then what about hitting the Halloween party sporting Sookie Stackhouse dress and makeup? Simply purchase the shirt and wear it with a pair of tight fitting, black shorts.

Betty Draper:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

You can even consider attending Halloween party sporting a retro look. The Betty Draper look and dress will help you in sporting a look that can impress others. You can simply buy a retro wig and tailored dress, along with a string of pearls from the online stores. The costume and accessories will transform you into a bygone and scary era.

Alice in Wonderland Look:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

The Alice in Wonderland costume can make you look cute, sexy and scary. You also have options to experiment with the dress design and pattern. Imply by shortening the hemline and lowering the neckline you can add a sexy twist to your Halloween look. At the same time, you also have option to look prim and proper just like Alice in Wonderland.

Wonder Woman:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

Wonder woman is appreciated alike by both guys and girls. The character is an integral part of many boys’ fantasies and girls’ dream. If you are planning to add a fantasy touch to your Halloween look, the wonder woman dress and makeup is the best choice.

Pirate Costumes:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

The swashbuckling pirate costume can surprise your friends during the Halloween party. You can experiment with your looks by choosing from an array of pirate accessories, jewelries and apparels. At the same time, you can also spend some time in practicing pirate lingo to make your appearance more scary and authentic.
Wicked Witch Costumes:top-ten-halloween-costumes-for-women

Along with the latest trends in Halloween costumes, you can even consider sporting a wicked witch look. You also have options to choose from a variety of classic witch apparels and looks. Once you decide the right dress, you can simply buy the dress and accessories from any of the popular online stores.



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