Pineapple is a highly delicious and nutritious fruit that is loved by all. However, there are many people who often face difficulty in cutting a pineapple. If you are not an exception to this group, there is absolutely nothing to be worried, because there are few simple steps following which it will be quite easy for you to cut the pineapple. Take a look at the few simple steps that you can easily follow:

  1. How To Cut Pineapple

    The most important thing that you will have to consider in this case is choosing the best side of the pineapple. This is very essential because by selecting the best size you will start cutting right from that side.

  2. A ripe pineapple is certainly one of the best ways that you can start with. The color of the fruit and the leaves will determine the fact that you have selected a ripe and a good pineapple.

  3. Place the pineapple on the table. You may want to cut the pineapple in different shapes. Therefore, you should place the pineapple in accordance to your flexibility.

  4. While cutting, rotate the fruit slightly and with caution. While rotating, you should continue cutting.

  5. Make sure that the knife that you are using is quite sharp and serrated, so that it is easy for you to cut the pineapple. A long knife is definitely the ideal option in this case. Such knives are flexible and will also offer you the opportunity to cut it quite nicely.

  6. You should cut off the leaves and also half an inch from the top and the bottom of the pineapple.

  7. Now completely slice the first side and discard this side. You will have to continue slicing it in the same procedure.

  8. As you advance with slicing, you will have to check out for the skin, if any. Make sure that the skin is completely removed before the pineapple is ready for consumption.

  9. While cutting the center, you can place the fruit sideways and slice in thicker slices.

  10. You can slice them in different shapes as you want.

  11. If you want, you can also remove the fibrous part of the fruit. This, in turn, will help you to cut the fruit in rings.

  12. This will complete your entire process of cutting the pineapple fruit.

Thus, now that you have learned the process of cutting the pineapple fruit, you can shop carefully and cut it anytime to enjoy this delicious and nutritious fruit.

You may use a pineapple cutting tool (easily available in the market) like the image shown here.

How To Cut  Pineapple with a tool

However, here is an interesting way of cutting a pineapple in this video. No special tools used.

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